Areas of Medical Malpractice

Anesthesia Negligence

Injury may occur when anesthesia is improperly given or not given in a timely manner to a patient. If the failure of the anesthesiologist is the cause of injury or death to a patient, damages may be recoverable under the laws of medical malpractice. Most doctors and hospitals carry malpractice insurance and some states even require that they contribute to a state patient`s compensation fund. Statutes of limitation govern the filing of malpractice claims and prevent filing once a certain amount of time has passed after the malpractice.

If you feel you have been a victim of anesthesia negligence, contact a medical malpractice lawyer in Missoula, MT and learn about the litigation options that are available to you.

Nursing Home Injuries and Negligence

Injuries suffered by residents of nursing homes may be recoverable under applicable state laws for medical malpractice. When health care providers fail to provide treatment with a reasonable degree of care, they may be liable for any resulting damages. Health care providers include the professionals and staff of nursing homes. Because nursing home residents require special care and attention, it is all the more important that the nurses and staff of the nursing home provide proper care to the residents. If the nurses and other staff of a nursing home neglect or abuse a patient, the victim may seek payment for damages, known as recovery, under the law of medical malpractice.

If you or someone you know resides in a nursing home and has been injured as a result of improper care, a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer at Ryan Holloway & Miller Trial Attorneys could help you determine if you have a valid claim.

Should I hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Thousands of injuries occur every year in the United States as a result of medical malpractice involving doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and other medical and hospital staff. However, less than 10% of them are investigated by a medical malpractice lawyer specializing in medical malpractice claims because of the complicated legalities involved. The standard definition for medical malpractice is where a person has suffered an injury which they would not have otherwise suffered had the care not been negligent. The medical doctor, nurse, anethesiologist, medical or hospital worker is considered negligent if the care falls below the minimum standard of skill or care which medical profession regards as acceptable.

Once medical malpractice has been proven, it is necessary to show that the damage has been caused as a result of negligence, which is difficult because the patient was already ill when the negligent treatment started. Typically, the medical malpractice lawyer will show the natural progression of the underlying condition and what the outcome would have been if the patient received proper treatment to establish what a difference the negligence made. However, the definition for medical malpractice differs from state to state, and so does the statute of limitation. The best thing to do if you suspect that you or a loved one has suffered negligence at the hands of a medical professional is to consult with Ryan Holloway & Miller Trial Attorneys in Missoula & Boseman, MT.